Terranet wireless networks are designed to offer powerful, dependable wireless connectivity in the most cost-effective manner. The design of each network is customized to the specifics of each location. Every neighborhood is different, each network solution is unique. 

Terranet uses its proprietary design technology, Synthesis, to architect each project. The process begins with an inventory of existing local communications infrastructure. Working from this baseline data, Synthesis enables analysis of an unlimited number of network design options. Cost, capacity and wireless coverage are all parts of this integrated analysis. 

But Synthesis is an even more powerful tool. Demographic data can be over-layed into the analysis, providing real time consideration of the economic and socio-economic impact of various network design options.

Terranet networks are flexible. Antennas and radios are selected to optimize the network. Data transmission is achieved through a combination of fiber optics, coaxial cable and microwave. Terranet manages the network, providing safe, secure, efficient broadband connectivity, whether indoors or outdoors.