Terranet communications

An envisioned future.

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Terranet offers customized, fully integrated wireless network solutions. The Terranet process begins with a lot of listening. Terranet assists its clients in assessing their specific requirements and understanding their communications context. Every situation is different, each communication solution is unique. Using Synthesis, Terranet’s proprietary, industry-leading technology, Terranet designs a wireless network that cost-effectively meets our clients’ objectives, producing an optimal combination of hardware and software, both indoors and outdoors. Terranet negotiates the set of third party agreements necessary to produce a functioning network. Terranet purchases and deploys the network components, working cooperatively with municipal governments, technology partners and relevant stakeholders. Terranet is the systems operator, monitoring the network, providing repairs and maintenance, and managing systems upgrades.

Terranet private LTE and 5G networks

Terranet is building private LTE networks, upgradeable to 5G.
Terranet Private Networks are configured to utilize CBRS spectrum. They can be expanded to include licensed spectrum. Devices that communicate with the network are powered by Terranet SIM cards, providing secure connectivity for network users. Terranet provides network operations management, ensuring reliable, responsive access. Private wireless networks are an ideal pathway to the Internet of Things (IOT). A Terranet network can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of sensors and devices, facilitating use cases that are optimal for each client. Critical engineering and maintenance operations, facility usage, energy consumption, access control, or other specialized requirements – a private wireless network is a cost-effective solution for many enterprises.

Broadband solutions to bridge the Digital Divide

Terranet is building wireless networks to help schools bridge the Digital Divide.
Economically disadvantaged students often have limited or no access to broadband connectivity. Terranet works with school districts and local governments to address this issue. Terranet is designing, deploying and managing wireless, small cell networks that provide critical internet connectivity. Most importantly, a Terranet wireless network can be a cost-effective solution. Terranet assists school districts in identifying appropriate devices for student use, ensuring wireless connectivity via Terranet SIM cards. The school district manages the educational outcomes, Terranet manages network operations.

Smart solutions for commercial real estate

Owners of commercial real estate face unprecedented economic headwinds.
Wireless connectivity can be a key element in creating and sustaining the value of commercial real estate assets. Covid-19 presents a unique set of challenges. A private wireless network can be the backbone of a safe reopening, back to work strategy. It facilitates a wide range of sensors and AI processes, tailored to the specific requirements of each building, owner and tenant. Health and safety technologies can be combined with flexible workplace connectivity to create a fully functioning workplace environment. Other smart building concepts employ wireless connectivity to offer an enhanced tenant experience,  elevating the market position of a property. Operating costs can be reduced. A wireless network supports a variety of cost-saving use cases including building systems management and integration and streamlined communications.